Sunday, August 19, 2007

Football Career Over - Music Career in Jeapordy

Joe Lover, defacto leader of The Subsidies (Sub Sides) - a popular Minneapolis cover band, remains housebound today as he recovers from a horrific pinkie finger injury. Lover, 30, of Elk Mound, Wisconsin, a guitarist for The Subsidies, was doing his best Robert Ferguson imitation late Friday evening at a company event when he couldn't hang on to a thrown football (viewed by a large contingent of amused coworkers). Lover, known regionally for his penchant for all things Eagle Eye Cherry, said the accident was nothing more than a "bump in the proverbial 'road'," and that he would return 100% in time for next week's big show at Rookie's bar in Rochester.

"Technically I have 4 years of college eligibility remaining so I figured I'd see if I were in playing shape," recalled Lover as his wife, Janna, iced him down. "It seems my hands haven't stayed in "catching shape," said Lover using finger quotes to convey humor.
Lover, an excellent, if not braggadocios, guitar player, will need full use of his jammed pinkie finger the next two weekends as The Subsidies have two important gigs:

  • Saturday, August 25 - Rookie's Bar & Grill in Rochester - 9.30PM
  • Friday, September 31 - O'Gara's Pub in St. Paul (Split show with Summit Ave) - 9.30PM
Many of the songs covered by The Subsidies - ranging from The Killers to Kelly Clarkson - require excellent guitar skills, mainly due to their each having a guitar solo. A point which is not lost on fellow band member and defacto band sex symbol, Laura Van. "Joe better not wimp out, that's all I have to say," said Van as she practiced a series of sexy "looks" in her Ikea-purchased mirror. "He is the cog that drives the band, I suppose. If he's out, we'll be forced to rely on Collin's (Lead Singer) mouth guitar effects and I don't think anyone is ready for that."
She added, "Seriously, it's a jammed pinkie... get up and stop your bitching! I play in a mini-skirt!"

Lover, who vows to continue his football dream "soon," plans to spend the next week recuperating by laying around watching Tivo'd recordings of Scrubs and Dharma & Greg. "My wife will take care of me, if you know what I'm saying?" explained Joe with a wink.

No, not really Joe. Not really.

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