Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back in the Highhhhhhh... Life Again

Howdy all Subsidies faithful. it's good to be back, officially, in the fold again, as my brief hiatus is now over. Most of you know I was off with the family as we welcomed child numero deuce into the mix - Julian Wayne.

With the band gearing up for a big August push, we're busy at work adding some new tunes to an already impressive mix. It's very rewarding to look on our set lists and see such a breadth of sing-along, dance-along, and party-songs. Our upcoming shows will be a blast for everyone... so, be there!

Our last show at Bunkers went extremely well - we brought a ton of people and had a packed dance floor. We also had many people donning our new Subsidies gear (buy it online at http://www.thesubsidies.com/) and that made performing even that much more rewarding.

On the 25th of August we have a BIG show in Rochester at Rookies. It'll be a blast so get there early to hear all our new songs and get a good dance spot - right in front of Joe is the best as he smells like lavender and success. The week after Rookies we'll be back in St. Paul at the famous O'Gara's for a split show with our friends "Summit Ave". Anywho, we appreciate your support and can't wait to see you at our next show...

Be sure to check us out online and see all the great photos...

We'll be in touch!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rules... Please Adhere

With Friday's show at O'Gara's upon us and many of you - a couple hundred? - showing up, I thought it would be helpful to go over some of the ground rules for watching The Subsidies. These are very important in helping to provide a fun outing for everyone. Please follow and we'll all have a blast!

1. Don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, .... ever ask us to play Freebird. Seriously. Within the first 5 minutes of playing at Rookie's last weekend, some woman walked up to Grant and asked for Freebird, even forgoing the usual, and equally annoying, "Freebird" chant. Folks - this is not cool, nor is it even topical. We're not playing it, hell we don't even know it. Which leads us to ...

2. Yes, we are a cover band, but please don't ask us to play one of your favorite artists or songs. We have a set list, built to impress and entertain all set to go and are going to follow this. "Pantera!" "Godsmak!" "Sweet Child of Mine!" - No, Never, No! Just dance and listen, don't interact unless directed to. And you know what, no one likes Creed.

3. If you're a woman, wear something you can dance in, preferably high heals and a Subsidies tank top. If you're coming to see us, you should plan on dancing and it is important to wear appropriate "current-style" outfits (taupe is ALWAYS cool). It helps us, it helps you. 'Nuff said.

4. Shots. Yes, we like shots, but admit we prefer "girly shots" such as "Kameeze," or "Scooby Snacks." Make fun of us, but do so as you're buying us a round of drinks.

5. Unless you are dancing, do not - NOT - come up and simply stand in front of us and stare at us (Wine Box Guys, ring a bell?). The area in front of the stage is for dancing, not your personal pulpit upon which you shout out (see rule #2) horrible song requests or tell us how awesome our guitars are or how much better your band is, etc... Dance or go sit down. "Hey dude, is that a Gibson... stupid!"

6. Laura, our bass player, is an attractive woman and wears clothes that would signal she is ready to "party" in a non-church sanctioned way, yet this does not mean you should climb around to the side of the stage and try talking to her or asking her out or finding out what her "deal" is. She's there to entertain the masses with the band, not explain to you, while playing killer bass, that she's "just not that into guys whose most treasured item on this planet, aside from their old high school football VHS tape, is a drinking trophy."

7. Air guitar-ing is frowned upon, but not illegal - yet... limit this activity.

8. Ignore our drummer's dialogue. For some reason, unbeknownst to us, he feels the need to talk - a lot. He'll jabber on while we're midway through a slow jam, going on about who the hell knows what - even going as far as exclaiming, mid-song, "We nailed it... we nailed it!" Ignore him and concentrate on the music, otherwise you'll find yourself trying to figure out what the hell is coming from the man with the sticks.

9. Again, no Freebird ... too important to simply gloss over. Do you realize everyone thinks you are a tool?

10. Dance, support the bar, sing along and HAVE FUN ... We aim to provide a fun experience and will do so with or without you, but with you is so much more enjoyable! See you Friday at 9-ish.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Puppy Love

Since we're taking a few weeks off for Collin to make a baby, I've decided to go ahead and make a puppy. Though initially more costly to make/acquire than a baby (a quality pup will run you way more than your favorite Luther Vandross album and even the priciest box of Franzia - both commonly accepted essentials of conceiving a child), I feel I'll come out ahead in the long run.

For instance, the following is a list of socially acceptable activities and items my puppy and I will have at our disposal, whereas Mr. Hummel's employment of such tactics might cause our singer to be prosecuted for child endangerment in 48 states (not in South Carolina or Texas, in case you were wondering...):
  1. Feeding him Alpo vs. Gerber: My pup will grow to all of 10 pounds. Baby Rick will bulk up to a buck fifty in no time. That's a lot of tiny little cans to purchase..
  2. The attachment of a collar and subsequent use of a leash: When Lil' Ricky-Bobby Hummel starts to crawl, Collin will be SO jealous I have this option in my arsenal.
  3. Clothing: Other than his badass spike collar and Subsidies doggy-style tee, my pup will require no further clothing. He GROWS his duds. Collin's kid will be decked out in Express skinny jeans and modern fit button-ups before he gets home from the hospital. C'mon now, it's Collin's kid. Don't even try to dispute me.
  4. Excreting outside on the grass: I saw my teammate's little brother do this on the sidelines of our soccer game when I was a kid. The other parents watching seemed to excuse the poo, but someone promptly called the police when the child started to lift his leg near the goal post.
  5. Education: Puppy Kindergarten = $90. An undergraduate education in the year 2025 = one BILLION dollars. I love that society accepts puppys cease eductational progression at the Kindergarten level.
  6. Caging: My lil guy will see this act as me placing him in his personal space of comfort. A human child might very well use such an experience as justification to giving special favors to strange men in the park as method of funding his smack habit 20 years down the road. Wait, who are we kidding... 14 years.
  7. Sexy Time: When my dog is through humping his plush toys and graduates to gettin' down with random bitches in the park, we can just go get his balls snipped. Done deal. When Ricky starts to visit naughty sites online... well, lets just say "surgery" really isn't the most humane option. Have fun with that convo big daddy.

and I could go on... See ya'll at Rookies on the 25th or O'Gara's on the 31st! Until then, MEET OSCAR!


Summer breeze makes me feel fine

We're taking a little time off this summer so that Collin can make a baby. He likes babies. He already has a baby, but he wants another. So, July and half of August are baby-making time. I encourage all of you to make babies during these 6 weeks.

We'll kick it back into gear August 25 in Rochester at Rookies. Then we have a big show at O'Gara's in St. Paul on August 31. We're doing a double bill with Summit Avenue, and it's going to be fun as hell. If you've been saving yourself for just the right Subsidies show, this is it.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Bunkers, burgers, and merch

Now, that was fun. We had another great turnout this past Saturday. We opened for Summit Ave. at Bunkers in Minneapolis. Great venue, great crowd, great burgers, great 2nd band. Can't ask for anything more than that.

If you haven't been out to Bunkers to see some live music, be sure to. They've really got things figured out at that place.

And to make things even better, we had 5 ladies with Subsidies gear on! Thanks all!