Saturday, June 28, 2008

Purple Haze

Good evening, my little chickens. Let's have a talk about Mankato. Mankato is a town south of the Twin Cities metro area that is known for, well, I guess the Minnesota Vikings training camp? Speak up, Mankato-ites if you guys did something cooler like invented lawn jarts or make award-winning key lime pie.

Anywho, Mankato shall be the host of The Subsidies on Saturday, July 12. We're headed to The Haze, which, from what we've heard, is a big ol' college hangout. We love big ol' college hangouts. There is usually a lot of booze tossed around, an excess of expendable energy, and scantilly-clad women waving their arms in the air like they just don't cay-yah. All three = fun show.

Honestly, there can't be a TON of good options for the weekend after the fourth of July, so get the H over to The Haze and get silly with us. We promise to, in return, get silly with you.

The Subsidies @ The Haze in K-town
July 12 at 8:30pm (early start!)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Uircle (pronounce yur-cul)

The infamous urine-circle (Uircle) is back and better than ever! Made famous in my 2007 blog entry titled "You've either got a really long dong or terrible aim or both or are an idiot," the uircle has made a wonderful re-entry to the lower floor men's bathroom (home of the wall booger and non-flushed log of amazement).

Upon entering the urinal area I was immediately met by a large, circular wet spot. While most human men are able to tap-tap-tap their way to a drip-free pee, we have a few men who seem to have the aim of Michael J. Fox (too soon?).

A few drips may be one thing, but due to ones not wanting to step in said drops, each subsequent pee'er backs up in hopes of staying clear of the ever-growing uircle. As this continues throughout the day, the uircle continues to expand.

See the image to the right for an artist's description. That's some Bob Ross art right there.

By day's end I am forced to stand a good 7 yards away from the urinal - basically against the back wall - as the uircle has become a pee lake, complete with little boats made out of tissue paper and pen caps. This makes me and the gentleman standing, waiting for me uncomfortable. My power is decent enough to make the distance do-able, but after a couple coffees, my aim is very much not. Perhaps this is why many days there is a puddle of pee ON TOP OF THE URINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Anyway - nothing else to say. It's more of an observational piece.

It's good to be back...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Her heart continues to go on...

god she's so old and Canadian - like Molson Ice that's been sitting in your trunk since last summer. It's still good... it's still good...

"c'mon girlfriend!"

This can't turn out well for anyone.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dave Barack's the vote!

Subsidies drummer Dave Lover can be seen here waiting in line to meet Obama during his recent historic visit to downtown St. Paul:

Full story and more pictures here

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Super Delegate Vote

Well, we waited until ALL Primaries were finished and are now prepared to support a nominee for President ...

The Subsidies (given the official Super Delegate monicker after playing the 2004 DFL convention) officially support and throw our weight (both figurative and proverbial) behind Barack Obama.
If you hate that, well then suck on it!

Barack's history of supporting cover bands, his optimistic views on our country and its future, and his relatively hot wife make him the perfect candidate for us to go bonkers over. Plus, George Lucas supports him and we fukin' love Star Wars.

In other news, local band and Summit Ave is supporting John McCain based on his firm stance on all things war-centric. Go Figure.