Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just saw Coldplay do their single Viva la Vida on SNL. I love that damn song and I'll keep liking that damn band based on nostalgia alone, but FAAAK.
  1. It's not the 80's. If you're going to record a cool song in a nice studio with an orchestra that only matches your ego in size, you'd better damn well shell out and hire a similar big string section to pull it off when you play SNL. Granted, SNL doesn't have the humor or audience it used to have, but give me a break. Coldplay was the only reason I brought myself to watch the show tonight and I had to see them pretend to play the orchestra parts on a Casio. Again, not the 80's anymore. I don't care how cool skinny ties are.
  2. Also, we got to see Chris Martin hop around like an idiot making owl noises way more than the song necessitates. C'mon. Owls? Really. You make how much money? I WANT to like Coldplay. AGH! You're just articulating the pointlessness of your lyrics. Thanks Chris.
  3. Finally, don't make your own clothes.
This video (and band) does the song an enormous injustice:

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