Thursday, July 17, 2008

We got Haze-d

Good times down in 'kato last weekend! Highlights included getting sponsored by Sprint, seeing tons of our contingent rockin' out -- out-of-town-style, twin Livin' on a Prayer girls, spicy BW3's minutes before Set 1 (never a good idea), and of course, almost getting a cap popped in my ass while loading stuff out of the "club" at the end of the night. (the Haze apparently becomes a "cluuuub" at 12:30am sharp, as soon as the band is done playing - ghetto-licious!)

Anyway, it was nothing if not exciting. We're looking forward to coming back in October when school is in session and the place is supposed to be even crazier. Someone is going to jump out a window, get piss-drunk, or lose a toe. I just know it.

This weekend, we're working on perfecting all our Yoko Ono material in prep for the upcoming show with A Hard Day's Night at O'Gara's in St. Paul on the 25th.

Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! We're definitely covering this one:

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