Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Top Ten lines used on the bass player

10. "Excuse me, I'd like to treat you to a steak and lobster dinner"
While this definitely demonstrated a take charge attitude, I thought it was quite odd that it was his first statement to me.

9. "Let's arm wrestle!"
When did arm wrestling become the new foreplay?

8. "You're great and all, but I'll take her"
This was said by a girl to our singer. I think that gives me bragging rights for a year.

7. "I'd like to get more spiritual"
So I killed him.

6. "Let me buy you a vibrator"
Nothing more needs to be said about this one.

5. "Let's start a family"
Said with a whisper and gentle, but very obvious "poke" into my lower back.

4. "What kind tattoo do you THINK I have?"
This gentleman asked if I had any tattoos. When I returned the question, that was his response. It was said with a cocky, WAY over confident look on his face......The tattoo was the Superman symbol.

3. "I'll always have her attention when i'm handling her equipment"
What can you do but just shake your head.

2. "Do you like what you see?"
Said as he stood above me, wearing his tank top, rubbing his chest, and finished it off with several hip thrusts.

1. "Would you come home and watch my husband and I have sex?"
My response could only be....Well, what does he look like?

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Collin of the "Sub-Sides" said...

WOW... these are classic, impressive, even inspiring. I can't believe Joe's wife asked you to come home and watch them make love. Priceless!