Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Subsidies Miles Program

We at The Subsidies HQ are proud to announce our new Miles Program, which will reward you for being a damn good Subsidies fan. Details of the program are yet to come, but the general concept is you earn points for various activities related to The Subsidies, and in turn, those points can be redeemed for great Subsidies prizes.

Sample activites:

-Attending a Subsidies show = 10 points
-Dancing for a full song = 1 point per song
-Wearing official Subsidies merchandise at a show = 20 points
-Displaying a 2'x3' sign that reads "Collin is HOT" at a show = 35 points
-Visibly not wearing a bra while at a show = 5 points
-Wearing a bra, but taking it off and throwing it on stage = 40 points
-Requesting "Freebird" or anything from Pantera = -10 points

The full list of activities and their corresponding point value will be released shortly, along with the items you can redeem points for.

Sample redeemable prizes:

- A hug that lasts just a little too long
- An official Subsidies thong
- A locket of blood taken from Grant's guitar
- An autographed Subsidies poster
- An autographed White Snake poster (autographed by The Subsidies)
- An itchy, yet treatable STD (based on Dave's availability)
- A brief glance up Laura's skirt.


Collin of the "Sub-Sides" said...

Priceless and a great idea... I would add, as prizes:

* 8-minute deep tongue kiss from band member of your choice (no same sex kisses, except any woman who'd like to kiss Laura, then by all means, french away)
* Your name - first and last in any order - yelled out on stage. Sort of a "shout out."
* 14 cents
* Free acoustic session at your place of work (2 song max)
* One of Dave's rubber drum pads

Katie said...

You guys are so funny! I lv reading ur blogs... keep them coming.

Looking forward to Saturday's show in Rochester.